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(ALWAYS include your first/last name and center when texting)
**If you do not hear back within 2-4 hours (during business hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm), send a follow-up email with your cell phone number. The text messaging system is through a 3rd party and we are finding it occasionally does not cooperate with some cell phone providers.** 

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In most cases, staff may utilize their working facility for childcare on a space available basis.  Employees with children enrolled at the facility have the same rights and responsibilities of all families enrolled at the Center.  For further information please see the Employee Handbook, section 4.7.


Families in attendance at BEE schools are assessed a late charge* for each minute (per child) that their child(ren) remain(s) at the Center past closing. This charge is then paid to the employees who are required to remain on the clock and at the center to care for the child(ren) until their families arrive.  The charge is called a “Late Pick-up Premium”.  

Staff who have stayed late for this premium may complete the required form to request payment by clicking here.

*Rates very by center location, see your center’s Parent Handbook for further information.

A quick overview of all benefits provided to employees by BEE can be found by clicking here.

OVERVIEW: Full-Time employees are eligible to participate in the Center’s medical/dental/vision insurance programs after sixty (60) days of continuous employment.  An eligible employee may only enroll in the plan upon initial eligibility, during an IRS Section 125 Event, or during the annual open enrollment period.  Coverage under the plan will normally be effective on the first day of the calendar month following enrollment.  Termination of coverage, should the employee elect, would be effective on the last day of the calendar month during which the termination was made.  Specific details regarding the types and levels of coverages, are available from the Human Resources Department and provided to eligible employees closer to their eligibility date.

COSTS: For those eligible employees electing to participate in the medical insurance plan, the Center will cover a portion of the employee’s monthly premium.  The remainder of the medical insurance premium will be automatically deducted from the employee’s paycheck.  The monthly premiums for dental and vision insurance plans are paid in full by the employee and are automatically deducted from the employee’s paycheck.  The amount of the monthly subsidy payable by the Center is subject to change annually and will be disclosed to the employees concurrently with the insurance premium schedule for the following plan year.

PLANS:  Current plan information can be found by clicking here.

HOW TO ENROLL: Specific details regarding individual employees enrollment is available from the Human Resources Department and provided to eligible employees closer to their eligibility date, typically through email. THE ENROLLMENT FORM LINK WILL ONLY BE DELIVERED DIRECTLY FROM HUMAN RESOURCES TO ELIGIBLE EMPLOYEES. THIS ENSURES THESE EMPLOYEES RECIEVE ALL REQUIRED ENROLLMENT INFORMATION TO ENROLL PROPERLY AS IT IS A TIME-SENSITIVE PROCESS.

CHANGES (additions/terminations/adjustments): Eligible employees looking to change their current benefit coverages (MEDICAL/DENTAL/VISION) during an IRS Section 125 Event, need to request a “Change in Coverage S125” notice directly from the Human Resources Department. This document is available through the Employee Portal and is required so HR can confirm eligibility, maintain proper documentation for the IRS (required) and communicate with the employee on next steps. 
Curious what a Section 125 Event is? Click here for a direct link to the BEE SPD, and specifically review pages 5&6 for a list of most common events.
BENEFICIARY UPDATE: If you need to update your beneficiaries, please contact Human Resources for the enrollment form.

All employees need to complete a W-4. Form W-4 copies can be delivered directly through the Employee Portal, email Lynette Phillips, Human Resources, if you would like to change yours.
Steps 1 and 5 must be completed by every employee. Steps 2, 3, and 4 are only completed if certain criteria apply, so follow the directions on the form carefully to determine what applies to you.  Bradford Early Education employees, including those in the affiliated schools, cannot guide employees in the completion of a W-4 due to the nature of the employer/employee relationship.  Please speak with an outside source/tax adviser if you need help completing your W-4.  It is also recommended you look into the IRS withholding estimator. Once you’ve completed all the steps – please ensure steps 1 & 5 are completed accurately (errors are consistently made due to missing SSN, dates, signatures, etc.) and submit

Employees are asked to keep Human Resources/Payroll promptly informed of any changes which may affect their employment or benefit status.

Specific changes to report include the following:

  • legal name
  • mailing address
  • Electronic Consent (including email address updates)
  • Employee Childcare Deduction Agreement
  • telephone number
  • marital status / emergency telephone numbers / contact persons
  • significant health information / change of beneficiary designations
    (see Benefit Enrollment Information Above)
  • authorized payroll deductions (see W-4 Information tab above)

Click here to login to the Employee Portal to update your information

Former employees can report changes to addresses, etc. by emailing Human Resources and Payroll at

DUPLICATES: Previous year W-2 duplicates can be requested for up to 4 years from the current tax season.  The IRS gives us 30 days from your request date to mail out either a replacement or the original, should it have come back to us on a “Return to Sender”.

Please click the link here and complete your request so you may be added to the waitlist. 

ANNUAL: Annual W-2’s for the current tax season are mailed out on/before January 31st as required by the IRS to the address on file at the time.   If that is different than the address you’re currently using, this means you will need to be added to the BEE W-2 Waitlist. The IRS gives us 30 days from your request date to mail out either a replacement or the original, should it come back to us on a “Return to Sender”. 

Please click the link here and complete your request so you may be added to the waitlist.

NOTE: Since W-2’s have sensitive, personal information on them we cannot take requests for copies over email/text.

Current employees may request duplicate copies of their pay statements by emailing Lynette Phillips at: 

Under Colorado HOUSE BILL 16-1432, at request, former employees may obtain a single copy of their personnel file after termination of employment.  Also at request, current employees are permitted to obtain a copy of their personnel file annually.  Protected within the bill is “any information in a document or record that identifies any person who made a confidential accusation against the employee who requests his or her personnel file.” This means any information deemed a confidential accusation will be excluded from the employee/former employee’s copy. 

We do not offer e-mail copies of personnel files due to the potential privacy risk with Personal Identifiable Information. Paper copies of the employee/former employee’s personnel file, excluding any notes that are protected, will be provided at cost and is due by personal check. The Center Director and HR Director will review the paper set, then the HR Director will be in contact with the employee/former employee by email with a final amount due. The employee/former employee will be expected to pay the copy fee in order to receive the set.  The cost is evaluated at $0.05 x page copied, and again is due before the copied set will be mailed out via USPS to the address on file.

To request this personnel file copy, and confirm your identity for recordkeeping, click here

Employees/former employees seeking Confirmation of Hours letters from Bradford Early Education and affiliated schools can request these hours once in a 30-day period.  Requests should be submitted directly to the Human Resources Department by email: and should include the following information as applicable:

  • first/last name
  • prior last name(s)
  • center(s) employed
  • estimated employment dates (if former employees)